Tuesday, March 24, 2009

About TV

I still remember when almost everyday I went to atuk's (grandfather) house which is about a stone's throw away from my house to watch tv. I think that was around late 60s till early 70s. TV set is considered a luxury item at that time and not many people could afford to buy one.

All tv programs are in black-white during those days. They were broadcasted by RTM (Radio TV Malaysia) and only two channels were available. The transmission time commenced at about 5-6:00 pm and ended midnight during the weekdays. During weekends, it commenced at about 3:00 pm and ended around midnight.

Some of my favorite tv programs that I can still remembered were "The Three Stooges", "The Pink Panther Show", "The Beatles", "Ultraman", "George of the Jungle" and so forth. Besides that, I also loved to watch "Mannix" (a detective series - he has a wireless telephone in his car in early 70s!), "The Rifleman" (cowboy), "The Twilight Zone", "Star Trek" and many others. And of course I love to watch Malay films that normally shown every Friday night.

Speaking of "Star Trek", my late cousin called me Mr Spock because my upper left ear is almost similar to Mr Spock's semi-pointed ears!. I also found out that both of my sons' upper left ears are same as mine!

One night after watching tv, I went out from atuk's house and was about to wear my sandal when suddenly I felt pain on my leg. I was bitten by some ants and I cried out loudly. My mom heard me crying ran to atuk's house to look for me. She was surprised when no one at the house heard me crying. Even my uncle who was chatting with his friends just a few meters away did not bother about me. (Note: My mother still remembered this incident till today when I asked her a few days ago.)

Later, my father decided to buy a new tv set to prevent me from going to spend the whole day at atuk's house. The tv set looks like a big wooden box with twin sliding doors. When the tv set is not in use, the tv screen will be closed with the sliding doors and locked. Sometimes I loved playing with sliding doors and closed the tv screen even when the tv was switched on...and of course, I will be scolded by my parents.

With new tv set at home, I seldom spend the whole day outside of my house or visiting atuk.

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